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PanAms Masters Weightlifting

Hall Of Fame Recipients  

The PanAms Masters Weightlifting Hall of Fame Criteria. The criteria for entrance into the PanAms Masters Weightlifting Hall of Fame as an athlete is purely objective: Lifters must win 10 PanAms Masters Championships, women are also required to win 10 PanAms Masters 


All inductees will receive a Plaque, a Hall of Fame Pin and a Patch. 

From 1993 to 2023


Congratulations to all our PanAms Masters Hall of Fame Inductees from 1993 to 2023


Hugo C. Themen - ARU


Emery Chevrier - CAN

Iain Douglas - CAN

Jill May Miller - CAN

Kenneth A. Miller - CAN

Marcel Perron - CAN

Manon Poulin - CAN

Judith Louise Quinn - CAN

Chun Hon Chan - CAN

Wendy Rodgers - CAN

 Ergan Montilla Eusebio - DOM


Valero Fontanals - ESA


Juan Santana - PUR

Pedro Serrano - PUR

Jorge L. Gonzalez - PUR

Felix M. Torres  - PUR


Joe Amendalaro - USA

Howard Cohen - USA

Walter Imahara - USA

Gonzalo Gonzales - USA

David E. Meltzer - USA

Bill Nicholson - USA

Monrow Ben Nowotny - USA

Noi Phumchaona - USA

Joe Amendalaro - USA

David Pursley - USA

Harrison Skeete - USA

Chuck Meole - USA

Peter Miller - USA

Wallace Underhill - USA

Charles Jack Lano - USA

Barbara Conley - USA

Howard Bovell - USA

Elizabeth Henshaw - USA

Ray E. Huebschmann - USA

Thomas L. Walters - USA

Osman Manzanares - USA


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